I write and edit magazine stories—personal essays, reported features, As Told To's, Q&As, short-form, long-form, and forms you've never heard of. I've ghostwritten stories for Erin Brockovich and senior White House advisors. I also like applying my storytelling skills to visual narratives, writing scripts for video and audio shorts, as well as speeches. 

Content Strategy

I think about how text, images, and video can work together—across platforms—to further a narrative. I'll partner with you to create your grand creative vision that uses content to deliver on your business goals. Then, I'll turn that proposal into a fully operating content machine. I have a wide network of writers, photographers, artists, and creators I can leverage for all kinds of creative projects.


Language matters. Your brand's identity is more than just a snappy tagline. It's how you speak. (And if you're like most brands, you tend to speak a lot.) I'll help you craft an authentic brand voice and apply it across all platforms.

For many companies that are breaking ground in entirely new spaces, it can be hard to know when you're saying too much or too little. I have extensive experience turning complex concepts into clear, concise messages. 

UX Writing

Any new product should feel familiar and intuitive. I use words to design the conversation between a product and its user. Some call us information architects. Essentially, I work with designers and engineers to create an experience that's so easy to navigate, no one will even notice the words are there. 


Understanding your audience means going deeper than Facebook. I use behavioral data to develop target audience personas. But knowing your audience is only have the battle—you also have to learn how to reach them. I have extensive experience building social distribution and engagement strategies for brands and publications alike. I can help you turn your followers into your best marketers. User-generated content programs can surface top-notch user stories and inspire others to do the same.