We The T

In the fall of 2015, I co-produced a timely month-long series about transgender issues, which, unlike other mainstream media outlets, let the trans community speak for itself.  Partnering with writer Meredith Talusan, and other members of the trans community, we created an inclusive project that made the trans identity visible and heard on the national stage.


Real Talk 

 In order to navigate the tricky pronouns and voices from across the gender spectrum, you will absolutely, positively need THIS glossary. It’s basically a trans primer for cis people.

Masculinity Means

We spoke to twelve trans and non-binary people about masculinity — how they create it, how they’ve wrestled with it or embraced it at different points in their lives, how it can be toxic or problematic, given certain connotations. Whether you are trans or not, you’ve probably been affected by society’s definition of masculinity — so let’s redefine it.


Searching for Eve

Eve is a model of Asian success. A second-generation immigrant from Korea, she got a degree at Harvard and now works for a major software company. She lives in the suburbs, in a four-bedroom house that’s a bit boxy and generic, but is plenty spacious for her wife and two girls

Black. Trans. Alive.

"Black trans people sit at the intersection of a multitude of movements: campaigns to fix prison reform, public health, police brutality, and the harassment of women and girls." Cherno Biko discusses these issues with four black trans/gnc/intersex leaders from the past, present, and future of the fight. 

What I Wanted To Wear

Activist Alok Vaid-Menon galvanized a discussion on street harassment and how to navigate self-presentation as a trans or gender non-conforming person. This community-driven, role-modeled initiative not only circulated throughout the trans community, it inspired action and participation.