The Men Issue

A Matter series

In which we (Matter) point the camera at the Y chromosome: What is actually going on with men right now? What are they afraid of and unwilling to talk about? How do the inner lives of men affect women, other men, our culture?


The Men Issue, in its entirety

These questions led us to a special series that reveals a crisis of masculinity. We see men struggling to define themselves at a time when gender definitions are expanding. We see men dealing, sometimes gracefully and sometimes not, with the weight of their power. And we learn that what it means to be a modern man is just like everything else: complex, messy, and always changing.

The 'C' Word

"Too often these days, conversations around consent are shut down before they can even start. Violence against women is on the rise? Ban men. An ostensible feminist is actually an alleged assaulter? Blame male feminism. And if we shun men — in theory, in practice, in internet memes — how can we include them in the conversation about consent at all?" In this piece, writer Beejoli Shah talked to 14 men from different backgrounds about what consent means to them — and why they’re still too scared to talk about it.

Soft Power

Pop stars are changing culture. This essay proves it. Writer Fariha Roisin explains how musician Zayn Malik is rebuilding the modern Muslim man in an age of Islamophobia.

My black skin is not an invitation

How do you admit you’re a man who was sexually assaulted? In this powerfully chilling comic, illustrator Chris Kindred tells the story of how he was sexually assaulted by his female teacher as a young man.  

Beauty is broken

"Beauty is about power: the pursuit of it and the consequence of it," writes Arabelle Sicardi, as she deconstructs the notion of beauty in modern day society. "Women don’t legislate beauty’s boundaries — (white) men do. They define it; they dictate; they own it, asking us to see ourselves in their eyes."