matter // series

In addition to editing longform narratives at Matter, I also commissioned and produced multi-part series, packages, and mini-issues on a variety of timely issues, from police brutality to our sex education and everything in between. 


'Dear officer' letter series

In the summer of 2015, after another brutal summer of police shootings, I commissioned this letter series (originally sent via email) between a retired SF cop and a local teen whose cousin had been shot to death by police. Over the course of two weeks, the pair conducted a thoughtful dialogue about the flaws in America’s police system, what needs to change, and how to do it. What was unique about this conversation was that it wasn’t just between two people—dozens and dozens of thoughtful readers asked questions of Carl and Jessica, and the pair engaged them in weeks of conversation. (Scroll to the bottom of each post to read the next response and the audience dialogue.)



Let's talk about sex(ed)

This series took a nuanced approach to  America’s problem with sex education: I asked five authors (Anna Pulley, Hanif Abdurraqib, Charlotte Shane, Anna Fitzpatrick, and Alana Levinson) to write letters to their teenage selves about what they wish they had known about sex and relationships back then that they know now. What was unique about this series: it didn’t just elicit responses; it inspired participation. The audience read these exposing, honest, tender letters and then wrote exposing, honest, tender letters of their own.


Money Talks

Money remains one of our biggest taboos — bigger than sex — and yet we spend more time earning it, spending it, and thinking about it than almost anything else. We wanted to know what was truly behind people's seemingly effortless lives. So, in this series, we asked people to talk honestly, and realistically, about their relationship to money.