Sound On: Holiday Travel

Holiday travel is defined by the little moments. The tiny victories and what seem like larger-than-life losses. The unexpected upgrade. The free drink. The familiar route home. The lost bag. The flat tire. Delays on delays. Holiday travel has this uncanny ability to send us on an emotional rollercoaster. Just when we think we’ve made it, another twist or turn is thrown our way. It is in these little moments that sound—er, Pandora—becomes the answer.

The Goal

In this holiday travel campaign, Pandora provided travelers with a much-needed escape. We capitalized on context and spoke to people wherever they were at—on the train, the subway, the Megabus, driving along the highway, stuck at the airport—feeling however they were feeling. Essentially, our goal was to show them that the right music (or podcast or playlist) can transform any shitty situation into a better one.

The Buy

The media buy for this campaign was specifically focused on travel. Think: billboards along the highway, spots throughout major airports, BART, subways, Amtrak, even the Megabus. The campaign spanned digital, social, PR, CRM, and OOH and received media attention from AdWeek, The Drum, Businesswire, among other outlets.

In the wild…

The Results

The campaign drove increases in brand image attributes for “makes me happy” (+5%), “offers culturally relevant music” (+9%), “gives me music I love and helps me discover new music” (+6%) and “offers ad free listening options” (+8%). We also drove a +5% increase in average listening hours in those markets.