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I’m a copywriter and creative strategist on Pandora’s Brand team.

I think up big, bold ideas and put them into action—er, words. Good copy doesn’t work without a solid strategy, which is why I do both. The ideation and the execution. That translates to a number of things, the biggest of which you see on the side of the highway or in Times Square. I’ve spent much of my time at Pandora leading strategy and copy for multi-million-dollar brand campaigns that span Digital, OOH, and CRM. You can check out some of that work below.

When I’m not working on brand campaigns, I’m writing audio spots, CRM emails, DR ads, social posts, and scripts for branded videos and podcasts. I’ve brought innovative, new Pandora products to market. I’ve sold pitches to Hulu and T-Mobile. I’ve even written scripts for Cardi B, 2Chainz, and John Legend, to name a few.

Sound On: Holiday Travel

Traveling over the holidays is the worst. Between the long lines, missed connections, and endless delays, it is a miracle that any one of us makes it out alive. This past holiday season, Pandora met people where they were at—in the airport, on the bus, cruising the highway—and gave them the one thing they needed the most: an escape.

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Sound On: Spring

Coming soon…