I'm no longer available for consulting or freelance work. If you'd like to learn about some of my past projects, they are listed here below: 

Backerkit: I wrote Backerkit's brand narrative (as well as some website copy) for their relaunch.

Patreon: I interviewed and profiled several different creators and patrons in a new blog series for the company's relaunch. 

Fletcher & Co: I helped high-profile authors write, outline, and edit book proposals.

Outcast Agency: I wrote the brand narrative for a Brooklyn-based urban tech hub and developed a proposal for the organization's content programming and distribution strategy. 

GOOD Magazine, Contributing Editor: I commissioned, wrote, and edited daily features for the Chase-sponsored money vertical. I worked with the art department and audience development teams to market stories to a broad millennial audience. 

Anchor Radio: I worked with the new radio startup to commission, develop, and produce a handful of news (and subject-based) stations around the world (Middle East, Europe, Brazil, Africa, Asia + Midwestern US).


My work has appeared in Matter, ESPN, Outside magazine, Boston magazine, among other places. 

And these are some of my random photos.