As a Content Strategist

I juggled a number of different editorial roles: 


NEW + CURATION: I developed the platform's strategy for handling breaking news. I also worked with the editorial team to create a process for curating the best stories from Medium users, influencers, organizations, and publications.

COMMUNITY: I commissioned, edited, and launched a conversation series called You Tell Me, which drove thousands of audience responses and interactions. 

BRANDED CONTENT: I brainstormed and produced creative concepts and original content campaigns for big brands like Bose and SoFi.

EMAIL CONTENT: I developed strategy the platform's strategy for human-written, human-curated, topic-based email products that provided weekly reading recommendations. I commissioned and edited emails for Sports, Politics, and Tech verticals. 

PARTNERSHIPS: I partnered with top publications (i.e. The Economist, LA Times, SF Chronicle) and top writers (i.e. Heather Havrilesky) to devise content strategies for gaining new, diverse audiences via Medium’s platform.

PRODUCT MARKETING: I collaborated with the product marketing team to test and develop a new mobile-first product called Series.


You Tell Me: A Medium Conversation Series

At Medium, I produced a reverse-AMA series called You Tell Me. Rather than inviting the community to ask questions of one person, we invited someone with a provocative, timely idea to pen an essay asking the Medium community what they think. These stories produced thousands of thoughtful audience responses and garnered more engagement than most other stories on the platform. Here are two examples. 

You Tell Me: Do Startups Have A Drinking Problem? 

By Sarah Jane Coffey

In my mind, the conversation that follows any story is just as important as the story itself. Any time readers are compelled enough to participate in a story and contribute their own thoughts and ideas signals a high level of impact. You'll see that here. 

You tell me: Does our mental health system do more to harm patients than to help them? 

By Amanda Gelender

Doctors put her on 40 different meds for bipolar and depression. It almost killed her.