Matter // Longform

I spent most of my time at Medium building, editing, and experimenting with social journalism inside the award-winning publication, Matter. First as Managing Editor and later as Senior Editor, I produced deeply engaging stories about the worlds we live in now—both physical and online—and the issues that matter most to our generation. 


Fun fact: I’m a sucker for bizarre subcultures and otherworldy mysteries. Which is probably why I was so drawn to the story of this terrifying disorder which turns people into zombies. So, if you’re like me — or if you watch The Walking Dead — you’ll enjoy this fascinating piece by Erika Hayasaki about people who believe they are dead.


"The idea is to provide a group of classy high-femme straight girls with a fully clothed, light-submissive Chippendale. A stripper who doesn’t strip. Well, great. I’ve always wanted to not fuck James Bond." Julieanne Smolinski explores San Francisco's latest startup, ManServants, which promises "what women really want."


For our We The T! series on transgender issues, I asked writer Francesca Mari to tell the complex, modern love story of a gender-fluid couple. This one begins at a bar in Dallas and flourishes in a budding LGBTQ enclave in the Texas capital. As their relationship grows, Jeannot transitions to Johnny, leaves their husband, and embarks on a new journey of self discovery.