I tell stories. Words are my favorite tool. They are where the opportunity is at—to spread ideas, to grow a community, to fire people up. Words—okay, stories—make people care. 

Stories are fickle things. To get one to stick, it needs to feel human—like there's a real person behind it. When people connect with other people in a real, raw way, you get feelings. And feelings turn into action. And action turns into impact. 

Enough of me nerding out about words—they aren't the only tool in my toolbox. I dabble in video, audio, and photography, too. Because the best stories aren't just read, but experienced. 



I've worked in print and digital media, as a writer, editor, and content strategist. My words have appeared in award-winning magazines and major consumer brands. Whether I'm working with a brand, on a marketing team, or in a publishing house, my approach to storytelling remains the same—rooted in audience, authenticity, and curiosity.

I'm currently a Copywriter and Creative Strategist at Pandora. Most recently, I was the Content Lead at Light. In past lives, I was a Senior Editor at Medium and its ASME award-winning digital magazine, Matter. I've done stints at Outside, GOOD, and Boston magazines as well. My latest side project is Anxy, a new magazine about our inner worlds. 

Get in touch: mkahn11@gmail.com


Anxy magazine, Senior Editor

Patreon, Copywriter (consultant)

Backerkit, Copywriter (consultant)

The Outcast Agency for NewLab, Copywriter (consultant)

GOOD magazine, Contributing Editor

Anchor.fm, Producer (consultant)

Fletcher & Co, Book Editor (consultant)

Pandora, Copywriter / Creative Strategist

Light, Editorial Lead

Medium, Content Strategist

Matter (Medium), Senior Editor 

Matter (Medium), Managing Editor

Boston magazine, Assistant Managing Editor

Outside magazine, Researcher + Writer