My specialities include: 

Journalism, digital media, magazine editing/writing, ghostwriting, blogging, email newsletters

Content strategy, copywriting, branded content campaigns, social media, community



I’m a storyteller with an insatiable curiosity and a big imagination. I make things (that often involve words + people). 

I have 7 years of experience producing sticky, compelling multimedia stories (call it content if you wish), fostering audience engagement and community, and developing creative content strategies for publications, brands, and tech companies. 

I'm currently the Editorial Lead at Light. Most recently, I was a senior editor at Medium and its ASME award-winning, Pulitzer-nominated digital magazine, Matter

My latest side project is Anxy, a new magazine about our inner worlds—the ones we refuse to share, the personal struggles, the fears that fool us into believing the rest of the world is "normal" and we're not. Our fall issue is on workaholism.