18 In The Bay

I was curious what it was like to be a teenager in America. So I asked a class of Bay Area seniors to show me their lives, on their own terms, using the mediums they know best: snapchat, tumblr, instagram, Spotify, and of course, words. Together we made a mini-magazine about what it was like to be 18 at that moment—at the end of Obama’s presidency, at a time when San Francisco was struggling under the weight of the housing crisis, at a moment of transition, for them, their city, and their county. The result was a raw, raucous, and very real portrait of a Bay Area teen today. Go here to read the mini magazine in full.  


Snap That

I asked students to make snapchat documentaries of their weekends, photo essays, mixtapes, and a whole tumblr blog

Story Of My life

Here are a handful of beautiful essays written by these students

Data Diaries

I asked students to illustrate their lives in charts and graphs.